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General Union of Workers in the Service Sector – General Conference

The General Union of Workers in the service sector held its General Conference, with the participation of representatives of (local) trade unions from Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jenin, Salfit, and Tulkarem.

Union leader president Mohammad Jawabreh reviewed the reality of trade union action and workers in Palestine, stressing the need to

– ensure freedom of trade union work and work on completing the organization of law guarantees freedom of trade union action
– completion of the social security system
– intensify the effort to address the issues of workers in all sectors and to ensure a free and dignified life which enhances their steadfastness and their contribution to achieving the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to freedom and independence.

The conference discussed the administrative and financial reports for the previous period and approved the election of a new administrative body of the Union:

Mohammed Jawabreh, president
Rashad Karajah, vice president
Ammar Hammad, treasurer
Wafa Nassif, Security Fund
Ashraf Hamamrah, Khalil Mustafa, Nariman Bjawi and Inas Mashni as members of the administrative board

Workers and Women are the Key

No liberation without a strong and organized working class – and no liberation without a strong women´s liberation movement

The Working Class and Women
  • the basis of building democracy
  • the basis of liberation

From Stop the Wall webpage on the International Women´s Struggle Day.

Support “New Unions”

An independent confederation

This is exactly the task the independent Palestine New Federation of Trade Unions, or New Unions in short, has set for themselves.
They are working hard to organize, and their numbers and unions are constantly growing. With the growth the need for training and capacity building grows correspondingly.

The reality of Palestinian workers on May Day

We hope that you will participate in the television co-program; which will include Asif Saeed, the assistant of the Ministry of Labour, the new Confederation of Palestinian Trade Unions, and the private sector represented by Mrs. Hassan al-Qaisi, head of the Chamber of Commerce, at 7 Pm on Wednesday, 30/04/2014 in the Moon Light hall, sixth floor- Al Ashkar Building. This program will be about the reality of Palestinian workers in facilities in the first of May

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