Our aims

The confederation of unions aims to serve the needs of its members within the framework of its mandate as a union organization. It struggles to protect their legal rights and to improve their economic, social, cultural and environmental situation. In order ot achieve this it organizes workers according to principles and values of union action, such as self help and self confidence, democracy, equality, justice, and solidarity.

The unions participates  in and organizes the following efforts:

– Protect and defend the legal rights and interests of its members in order to improve their working conditions and situations, including through collective contract negotiations and the struggle for collective work contracts.

– Maintain the independence of the union movement, and promote respect for workers, support democratic principles and human right in the practice of unions.

– Organize workers affairs, and support the development their professional, cultural and social capacities.

– Strive to resolve conflicts or problems between members or with other workers or other organizations.

– Strive to provide health and social insurance according to the financial possibilities of the union.

– Establish networks or joint or independent projects to serve members and to achieve the aims of the union.

– Establish ”save”, “emergency” or other funds to serve the interests of workers.

– Raise political, cultural and professional awareness among the workers and improve the social, health, and economic situation for its members.

– Represent the union members in local, Arab and international committees related to their interests, in particular in front of the Ministry of Labor, employees and in situations of social and political discussions at all levels.

– Manage projects of the union and its properties.

– Search for sources of funding to cover the needs of the union and its branches and administer them.

– Cooperation with other unions to achieve the union aims and to enhance the role of union.

– Promote trade union awareness and culture and provide the necessary information for its members.

– Promote the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and anti-normalization at national, Arab and international level.


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